Joint Panel workgroups GC 0100 and 0101 Distribution Code Workshops.

6th and 10th of October.

These two days have been set aside as additional time in the joint Panel WG GC 0100 and GC 0101 to review and discuss the specific legal text of the draft Engineering Recommendations G98 and G99 and the consequential draft revisions to the Distribution Code.

These two days are provided to help WG colleagues become familiar with the Distribution documentation legal text required to implement the EU Network Code Requirements for Generators.

The legal drafting of G98 and G99 is yet far from complete and a discussion on the points that GC 100 and 101 WG colleagues feel important will be very valuable in tightening up, and wherever possible, simplifying the text.

Workshop material.

  1. the GC 0100 and GC 0101 G98 consultation draft legal text;
  2. the GC 0102 G99 draft legal text;
  3. the amended D Code (which should form part of GC0102 but has not yet been circulated)
  4. review of GC0100 consultation comments - A & B
  5. review of GC0101 consultation comments - A

6th October workshop will be held at Energy UK

10th October workshop will be held at ENA