2021 Modifications

DCRP/MP/21/04 - EREC G12 Amendment 4 Issue 2

This modification was proposed to provide guidance on the possibility of an open neutral condition on Class I devices. It was prepared by the earthing co-ordination working group and a second amendment to G12 Issue 4 was prepared along with a consultation document that was published 9th April 2021 until 7th May 2021. the working group then collated and assessed the responses before preparing an RTA document that was submitted to Ofgem 16th August 2021.’

DCRP/21/04/PC - Consultation Pack

DCRP/21/04/PC - Responses Pack

DCRP/MP/21/04 - RTA Pack

DCRP/MP/21/01 - Minor Technical Modifications

This modification was proposed as part of a regular Distribution Code document review program, this covered Engineering Recommendations (ERECs) G98 and G99, as well as the Distribution Code document. The consultation document was drafted and released 19th of February and closed 19th of March. the responses where collated and the documents amended to suit.

the report to authority was drafted and approved by the DCRP before submission to Ofgem 22nd July, the modification was then approved 27th August with an agreed publication date of 1st September.

DCRP/21/01/PC - Consultation Pack

DCRP/21/01/PC - Consultation Responses

DCRP/MP/21/01 - RTA Pack

DCRP/MP/21/01 - Decision Letter