DC 0036 - Review of Harmonics Assessment Standards and Processes

As of 1 October 2017 Grid Code Modifications GC 0036 has now been superseded by Distribution Code Modification DC 0036.

Please note: all documents on the Grid Code GC 0036 web page will remain accessible as an archive to this new Distribution Code website area. As of 01 October 2017 all new documentation for Modification DC 0036 will only be available on the Distribution Code website. Access to the GC 0036 web page can be found here.

DCRP DC 0036 Working Group - Terms of Reference

WG Members list - as of January 2017

Work Group Meeting Dates

Meeting 11 - 9 November 2017


Papers v2

Minutes and actions

Meeting 12 - 12 January 2018



Minutes and actions

Draft documents for comment - August 2 2018

Draft Consultation paper

Supporting consultation documents inc draft G5/5